Parish News: 2019

(Sunday, September 8) Father James said prayers for the teachers, students, and parents as they begin the new academic year. We offer our best wishes for all the Saint George youth and are grateful for those devoted teachers who volunteer their time and energy to the Sunday School and Senior Forum.

(Saturday, September 7) The Saint George GOYA gathered for their first meeting of the school year to discuss their participation in upcoming events and service projects. Many thanks to our youth, their parents, and GOYA facilitators.

(Sunday, August 25) SYLVIA MARIE was baptized into the Body of Christ following the Divine Liturgy. We celebrate this sacrament with her parents (George and Adrienne Tamer) and Godparents (Zak and Nicole Tomich). May the blessing of the Lord and His mercy be with your family on this special day!

(Thursday, August 22) The Seniors of Saint George (SOS) group had an outing to the local Jacqueline Drake Gallery before enjoying lunch together. Here is a photo of the ladies standing next to their painting that was completed as a group.

(Thursday, July 18) The Saint George summer adult education classes continues with a 5-week series on Apologetics. Using evidence from philosophy, archeology, literary criticism, and more... participants learn how to understand and discuss the Christian faith with friends, family, and even atheists who struggle to believe in the existance of God.

(Thursday, June 20) Members of the Saint George GOYA spent two hours cleaning, sorting clothes in the thrift store, and packaging boxes of drinks at Oakland Hope - a local Christian nonprofit agency that helps provide food, clothing, and other necessities to some of the less fortunate in Oakland County. Many thanks to our dedicated youth and the adults who both assisted and coordinated this ministry effort.

(Sunday, June 9) The Sunday School Director (Dr. Bessy Despotis) and teachers recognized their students at the annual graduation ceremony following the Divine Liturgy. Eighth-grade students who completed Sunday School and will be moving on to Senior Forum received a new Bible, as did our high school and college graduates present. Congratulations to our students, and may the Lord bless all our devoted servant-leaders who help educate them.

(Thursday, June 6) The Saint George "Summer Series" kicked off with Introduction to the Old Testament. This first of four classes was blessed to have 29 participants, with high praise being given for Dr. Labrini Liakonis who provided an excellent overview of the historical development and critical analysis of biblical scholarship as it pertains to the Hebrew Scriptures. Future meetings during June will provide a more in-depth look at the different segments of the Old Testament, some prophecies that point to Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah, and why these things are important for Christians to understand. Please take a look at our "Christian Education" page ("Ministries" column) for more information about upcoming classes this summer.

(Sunday, June 2) ANASTASIA KATINA was baptized into the Body of Christ following the Divine Liturgy. We celebrate this sacrament with her parents, grandparents, Godparents, friends, and family. May the blessing of the Lord and His mercy be with your family on this special day!

(Monday, May 27) Father James visited the historic Greenwood Cemetery in downtown Birmingham on the Memorial Day holiday to offer prayers for our veterans, first responders, and all those who have fallen asleep in the hope of the resurrection. May their memories be eternal!

(Sunday, April 28) Christ is risen! The Resurrection Service of Pascha was held around midnight Sunday morning with many parishioners and visitors in attendence.

(Friday, April 26) The Holy Week Lamentations Service was held Friday evening, with the customary procession of the decorated "Tomb" of our Lord. We were blessed to have a sunny day for the procession and are grateful for our many volunteers who participated.

(Friday, April 26) Several ladies from the St. George parish decorated the "Tomb" of the Lord during the Reading of the Royal Hours. We thank all our volunteers and visitors for the their time and attention that left the Nave smelling like a bouquet of flowers.

(Wednesday, April 24) The Unction Service was celebrated on the Wednesday of Holy Week. Several parishioners of the Saint George Church, as well as their family and friends, participated in the prayers and reception of this Sacrament. A special thanks to our youth members who helped read the epistles for the service.

(Sunday, April 14) American Scouts who complete a 3-part series of questions regarding their Orthodox faith are awarded the Saint George Medal. We were pleased to present NICHOLAS ADRIAN his medal and certificate on the Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt with his family standing nearby to cheer him on. Well done, Nicholas!

(Wednesday, April 10) Our Bible study group completed its 6-week study of St. Paul's Letter to the Church in Ephesus. Following the Divine Liturgy that weekend, our daytime and evening groups posed for a photo together. Many thanks to all our participants, as well as Mrs. Helene Lionas who co-led this group with Father James.

(Saturday, March 23) The Saint George GOYA traveled to Toledo (OH) for the 2019 GOYA LENTEN RETREAT hosted by the Holy Trinity Cathedral. Nearly 150 young people, youth advisors, pastoral assistants, seminarians, and clergy from throughout Michigan and Ohio attended the Retreat. Many thanks to our parents and other adults to helped with transportation and supervision.

Historically, Great Lent begins with FORGIVENESS VESPERS on the evening before Clean Monday. As our bodies begin to say "No" to certain foods and practices, our hearts say "Yes!" to the spiritual food Jesus mentions in the Gospel of St. John (4:32). The St. George Church was blessed to have over 50 people attend this year's Vespers service, which concludes with each person giving and receiving forgiveness from one another. Many people noted this was the first occasion they had attended this beautiful service. May God give us all good strength as we enter this Lenten season!

Some of our servant-leaders who help oversee the St. George youth ministry put together an ICE CREAM SOCIAL immediately prior to the Forgiveness Vespers service. Our young people took turns asking Father James their questions and discussing what foods and practices they would work to eliminate and/or add over the next several weeks. Thanks especially to our Sunday School Director, Dr. Bessy Despotis!

Our study of Ephesians kicked off with a strong start on Wednesday, Feb. 27 after completing the Gospel of John recently. Lively discussions between participants and friendly banter are commonplace. For those who are still interested in joining us, please check out the Bible Study information under "Ministries" tab above to get specific meeting dates and times.

ANASTASIA KATINA was given her 40-day blessing on Sunday, Feb. 17 with family and friends present. We celebrate the birth of this child with her parents, Matthew (Jr.) and Amanda Maxim. May the blessing of the Lord and His mercy be with your family on this special day!

(Sunday, Feb. 17) St. Basil's Academy Weekly Offering Each Sunday: Another thank you to Nikoletta Simmons who has created a goal poster as well as our collection box for our weekly St. Basil's Academy offering. The collection occurs in the the Sunday school area after Holy Communion on the way to their Sunday school rooms. Whether it's a few coins or more, we are encouraging the students to give a weekly donation which will be donated to St. Basil's Academy. 

On Friday, February 1, the St. George GOYA group gathered at the Pardales home to enjoy an evening of food and games. Many thanks to Melissa Pardales and Demetra Koukios for coordinating our GOYA events, all the parents who helped provide transportation and make this gathering possible, and Paul and Melissa Pardales for opening their home to us!

On Thursday, January 24, the Seniors of Saint George (SOS) group enjoyed the Phantom of the Opera at the Detroit Opera House followed by dinner together. Many thanks to Moshoula Yaksich for organizing our SOS events.

On Sunday, January 6, the newly elected Parish Council members took their public Oath of Office at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy. We welcome the following individuals to the Parish Council: Tom Alexander, Chris Anthony, Peter Gikas, Josh Heppner, Kay Nicholas, Melissa Pardales, Zach Savas, and Tom Strat. May God's blessing be upon them, their families, and this Saint George Church ... as we enter a new calendar year!