Parish News: January - March 2019

On Friday, February 1, the St. George GOYA group gathered at the Pardales home to enjoy an evening of food and games. Many thanks to Melissa Pardales and Demetra Koukios for coordinating our GOYA events, all the parents who helped provide transportation and make this gathering possible, and Paul and Melissa Pardales for opening their home to us!

On Thursday, January 24, the Seniors of Saint George (SOS) group enjoyed the Phantom of the Opera at the Detroit Opera House followed by dinner together. Many thanks to Moshoula Yaksich for organizing our SOS events.

On Sunday, January 6, the newly elected Parish Council members took their public Oath of Office at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy. We welcome the following individuals to the Parish Council: Tom Alexander, Chris Anthony, Peter Gikas, Josh Heppner, Kay Nicholas, Melissa Pardales, Zach Savas, and Tom Strat. May God's blessing be upon them, their families, and this Saint George Church ... as we enter a new calendar year!