Making a Future Difference

At St. George Parish we are not presently able to provide for our monthly expenses, or offer our Christian philanthropy solely from our stewardship, but this should be our goal. As Orthodox Christians we are members of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church of Christ.  We believe correctly, and worship correctly, and we should consider giving in a manner that consistently reflects this. Faith communities whose members commit a set percentage of their net income for their houses of worship often thrive financially. Please consider this. By designating 3% of our household net income starting in 2017, 4% the following year, and 5% annually moving forward, it will change the future of St. George's Parish. This isn't a lot of money, but the collective impact it would have could afford us many future opportunities as a community, and allow us to graciously bless others in need.    

Fr. Joseph